“ I love teaching and will be there to help and inspire you, or can tailor my tuition to suit individual requirements, in a variety of subjects such as composition, colour, perspective, drawing or watercolours.” Monica Horn

Water colour painting

“Students will share her knowledge of watercolour painting & experiment with different techniques and methods including wet in wet & incorporating other mediums to create texture” Fiona Forbes

Intellectual Activity



What would you like to learn about when you are in Spain?


John and Sheila have access to all kinds of resources in many different

kinds of media.


They have their own ideas, but what they would really like is for you to contact them with yours and they will prepare information to answer your questions, improve your knowledge, arouse a debate amongst you.


Our resources room is equipped to cope with a wide variety of demands

and many different interests.


We do not stick to a schedule of classes or a planned learning programme but we digress to suit you and together we enjoy some new learning experiences.


To find out more you can ring us on 01386 554842



Today, universities are offering a plethora of activities that are scarcely intellectual in the traditional sense.


Philosophy has an impeccable reputation as an intellectual subject. Its reputation is daunting to some. Its luminaries from Plato to Wittgenstein are assumed to be remote and inaccessible.


If you are really interested in this subject and can access the internet... visit www.philosophybites.com the site has received 16.7 million hits fromall over the world. Learn a bit about the man behind it Nigel Warburton So what is Philosophy?


Our short course aims to answer that question. It need not be remote and inaccessible. Before you join to this course, it’s a good idea to look at some current authors who are making the discipline relatively easy to understand: Stephen Law, Julian Baggini and Andre Comte-Sponville.


11.30 - 1.00 both fortnights

Contact Philip on 01228 526795




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