“ I love teaching and will be there to help and inspire you, or can tailor my tuition to suit individual requirements, in a variety of subjects such as composition, colour, perspective, drawing or watercolours.” Monica Horn

Water colour painting

“Students will share her knowledge of watercolour painting & experiment with different techniques and methods including wet in wet & incorporating other mediums to create texture” Fiona Forbes



SINGING FOR FUN with Jennifer Aston

This course is designed for people who enjoy singing for pleasure regardless of their ability. I will provide a varied programme of songs, ranging from rounds and

songs from the shows to simple singing in parts, all designed to provide an entertaining time with no pressure, just fun and enjoyment.


Jennifer was a primary headmistress and was a participant in this programme in the beginning.


She was our “entertainment” manager way back then.


She will help to keep our concert programme going - if you fancy taking part contact her on: 01257 265721




Introducing Laurence, our very talented Musical Director, hot-foot from accompanying pantomimes this winter in Manchester and Brighton. Laurence has been a professional keyboardist/pianist for 28 years and has a huge passion for music. He hopes to share that passion with you and encourage you to sing or perform, with his support and accompaniment.


Look forward to hearing Laurence play some of your favourite melodies - and requests - from time to time during our pre dinner hour.



MUSICAL EARS with Norman Say

Developing the Musical Ear with Norman Say. People often say

“I don’t know much about music but I do know what I like !”


This two week course offers a light study of Melody, Harmony and Rhythm in both classical music and jazz which will develop the musical ear and greatly enhance ones appreciation of music.


No theory or technicality involved. A guided, chronological tour through baroque to classical to romantic music and from New Orleans to Dixieland to mainstream jazz will facilitate a change of claim - “I now know a bit about music - and I know what I Like about it !”


Classes will run from 9.30 - 11.00 for the first two weeks and 11.30 - 1.00 for the second two weeks.


Contact Norman Say on 01932 222777 Email: trumpit@btinternet.com



Once again I intend to offer two different subjects this year. During

fortnight 1 my subject is “Humour in Music” with extracts from orchestral

and vocal items which illustrate the way in which many composers have

created a sense of fun.


My 2nd fortnight is pure indulgence which I have entitled “75 Years as a Music Lover”. I wish to share with you some of the music that has influenced me since childhood and it is quite a mixture so I hope to offer something you enjoy and which might bring back memories to you, This year’s music will all come on CDs or Audio Cassettes - sorry, no DVDs - and I hope you will help me to answer

some of the questions raised by my choice.


Please note that timing for the 1st fortnight is 11.30 - 13.00 and for the 2nd fortnight the post-breakfast session of 9.30 - 11.00.


(If you wish to bring one of your favourites on aCDorAudio cassette, please do so and I will fit it in - but I May ask you to explain why it is a favourite of yours!)


Contact Gordon Searle on 01795 476758 Email: elagor@blueyonder.co.uk



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